These add-on services are available for customers on an active plan


Get setup with an Alexa Skill that is customised to your station, for your listeners to have the full experience of your service by simple voice command to their smart devices.

$10 per month and a $40 sign up fee

  • You must have an active Relevant Online Media Services plan to use this service.
  • It is an Amazon requirement that you have a functioning website for your radio station.
  • You will be required to provide the information about your station including logos, at checkout for us to complete your Alexa Skills setup.
  • Please note, Alexa skills are only distributed in the following languages:
    English, Japanese, Spanish, German, French. Please ensure any text you provide for your skill (invocation name, description etc) is in your chosen language. We cannot develop skills with any other languages at this time until Amazon provide support.


Every business needs to be identified, in radio the best and effortless way to be identified is by having station jingles that say who you are as a radio station or Service.

$70-$160 one off payment

  • You must have an active Relevant Online Media Services plan to use this service.
  • This service includes 3 scripts. Each jingle script must be a max of 10 seconds.
  • Each cut will be fully produced with Music, SFX & Vocal FX, plus you'll receive a dry copy too, delivered within 24 hours depending on time zone.
  • Each cut will be voiced by our Standard Voiceover Artist.
  • Please note scripts will only be edited once and after that you may pay a full fee for reproduction of the jingles.
  • This service is non-refundable and non-transferrable.